Board Opening at Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning

The Compass Board is made up of 6 positions with a one-year time commitment. We have one spot opening prematurely due to a board member resigning before the end of her tenure. The board position we are seeking to fill is that of a Director and has no role-specific duties.

We are seeking someone who believes strongly in our mandate and is able to advocate passionately on our behalf. A demonstrated background in fundraising and a willingness/motivation to put some time toward annual fundraising efforts is required. Other desired qualities: team-player, articulate, and self-starter.

Board meetings are held approximately 4 times per year. Board members are expected to:

  • Attend all board meetings
  • Attend as many Compass events as possible
  • Assist in spreading the word about Compass and our events
  • Fulfill any specific, agreed-upon duties
  • Attend the annual AGM

Please submit any applications or inquiries to Compass at