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Teen Educators & Advocates

Compass expects that the majority of members will come from a school experience. Some will arrive with honour roll grades and excellent school records, but feel bored and limited in school. Others may have serious passions, such as art, music, or computer programming, and feel that school is an obstacle to the progress they really want to make. Some come because going to school has been an unpleasant experience socially, and they dread going to school each day. Still other teens have been doing well in school through 7th, 8th, or 9th grade, and now refuse to conform to the requirements of school any more. Some members arrive with diagnosed learning disabilities and special education plans, but feel that the help they are receiving in school is not useful, or in some cases, frustrating. Compass offers all teens the opportunity to approach their lives and learning in a whole new way.

  • Share information about Compass with a teen or the family of a teen.
  • Contact us to request a packet to be mailed to you.
  • Bring friends to an open house.


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