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Compass classes and workshops are offered on a variety of topics. The schedule is a reflection of our core staff and our current rotation of volunteers and all of our collective passions. Rather than attempt to fulfill any particular curriculum, we ask our teachers to share their expertise and enthusiasm, whatever that may be.

All classes and workshops are optional and open to every member. Classes may vary in length, format, and content. Some classes are held for a month or 6 weeks while others may continue for the entire year. This is dependent both on the availability and plans of the teacher as well as the membership.

The format of each class can vary significantly as well, again depending on the vision of the leader as well as the input of the members. We encourage all members to learn about and try as many classes as they can. Once a member decides to be a regular participant of a class, we expect commitment. There are no grades or punishments, but we expect class members to communicate with the teacher regarding attendance and other issues and to fulfill any requirements such as readings, research, or other assignments. Some classes will ask for and expect a considerable amount of work to happen outside of class time while others will be more limited. This is made clear in the class description and by the teacher and should be taken into consideration by the member deciding to join the group.

Teens are welcome to lead classes without adults. In addition, members may ask for the creation of certain classes and participate in the planning.

We will hold both weekly, sequential classes and workshops. Workshops vary in length from 1-3 hours and are held either one time or in short sequences. Teens, parents, and community members are invited to offer workshops in addition to regular staff members. To begin to discuss your idea for a workshop, please contact us.