Can I still go to University?

Every student can be admitted to university without a high school diploma. Not holding an official, accredited, provincial high school diploma is not a barrier to entering Canada’s post-secondary university system. You will typically be admitted to university in one of three ways: as a homeschooler, by enrolling in an open university, or as a mature student.

That said, choosing an alternative education for high school means that you are also choosing an alternative university entrance path. In some ways, your path will be more complicated than that of your conventional peers. But in other ways, you’ll discover that you can actually come out ahead of the crowd with some significant advantages not only before university, but also during and after.

Universities want exceptional applicants; effort is better spent cultivating the real and natural talents of a child instead of constraining them to fit into some arbitrary box to be packaged up for university admissions. Not only do homeschoolers have the opportunity to look impressive by pursuing a passion, but also the very fact that they are well developed in one area will translate to better achievement in traditional academic assessments. Kids with self-discipline, self-awareness, curiosity, focus, drive and motivation from even non-academic activities can easily apply these skills to their academics. Success, in any activity, breeds confidence.

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